August 19 2019

Greeting Crewsers

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Tail of the Bear

Guest Rower a visitor to Seward Beth Downing will be in town this weekend. She was hoping to row with the club, but we are not holding practice on Saturdays anymore. If someone would like to do a private row with a visitor you can contact her via email

Holiday Arts and Crafts Fair

  • Fair will be Friday and Saturday December 6 & 7
  • Registration is online this year
  • An email has gone out to¬† past vendor, but be sure to contact anyone who might be interested
  • There is a notice and link on our home page

Big Head Regatta

  • I have contacted ARA and let them know we will only have a small contingent of rowers. I have enquired about using an ARA boat or to. We need to finalize who will attend and what event we will compete in.
  • September 14th should be a lot of fun

Outside Regatta:

  • Thank you Lori for making the Hotel arrangement for our crew.
  • Rowers need to make travel arrangements and get that information to Lori L.

Upcoming Events

  • Big Head Regetta: September 14th
  • Tail of the Lake: October 6th

Go Crewsers,