July 29th

Greeting Crewsers

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Great News! Coach Sam has extended her contract through the end of September. This means we will have coaching services for an extra month. She will be able to guide us through the Big Head Regatta, and help us prep for Tail of the Lake. Having a coach makes a tremendous difference, we are fortunate to have the extra time with Samantha. I strongly encourage everyone to plan on rowing through September. Hopefully the warm weather will last ;-)

Tail of the Bear

Big Head Regatta September 14th should be a lot of fun https://kenaicrewsers.org/content/big-head-regatta

Outside Regatta: sign up https://kenaicrewsers.org/content/tail-lake-2019

Upcoming Events

  • Tail of the Bear: Saturday, August 17
  • Big Head Regetta: September 14th
  • Tail of the Lake: October 6th

Go Crewsers,