Monday August 26

Greeting Crewsers

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Big Head Regatta

  • As of right now we have 5 rowers and the coach going to big head
  •  Adam, Sue, Heather, Becky & Bella
  • Coach Sam will be getting line-ups built this week
  • There is a possibility we will need to bring boats for ourselves and perhaps for an outside team that is attending
  • We may need to borrow a truck to pull the trailer from a club member who is not going.
  • If you can help with this please contact Adam
  • There is still time to get your name on the list

Rowing in September:

  • KCRC has a coach in September! Yeah!
  • There will be regularly scheduled practice for the first 3 weeks of September
  • Due to reduced daylight evening practice is moved back to 6:00 pm
  • In order to consolidate the end of season practices we are dropping the Monday evening practice
  • Morning practice is not scheduled in September (Early morning rowers can coordinate among themselves)

Holiday Arts and Crafts Fair

  • If KCRC is going to have a silent auction fund raiser we need a coordinator (this has been a significant fund raiser for the club)
  • Fair will be Friday and Saturday December 6 & 7
  • Registration is online this year
  • An email has gone out to  past vendor, but be sure to contact anyone who might be interested
  • There is a notice and link on our home page

Outside Regatta:

  • Thank you Lori for making the Hotel arrangement for our crew.
  • Rowers need to make travel arrangements and get that information to Lori L.

Upcoming Events

  • Big Head Regetta: September 14th
  • Tail of the Lake: October 6th

Go Crewsers,