September 9th

Greeting Crewsers

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Big Head Regatta

Thank you Charles Taylor for a truck to tow the trailer!

Boat loading will be Thursday night at normal practice time. If you're in town and not going to Big Head your help to load boats would be appreciated.

Rowing fee is $25 per rower (I will collect payments and write a check to ARA)

Parking fee is $7 for each vehicle, over night camping fee is $20 per night

All hands meeting at 9:30 and first race is at 11:00

Line ups for the Regatta.

  • Flight 1 / 11 am: Novice/Junior 1x - Bella
  • Flight 2 / 12 pm: Women’s 1x - Heather
  • Flight 3 / 1 pm: Mixed 4x - s) Adam, Sam, Swannie, Sue
  •                 Women’s 2x - s) Heather, Becky  
  • Flight 4 / 2 pm: Women’s 4+ - s) Sam, Swannie, Sue, Bella cox) Becky

Site Break Down  at the lake is scheduled for Sunday September 22nd. Please plan to assist if you are in town

Rowing in September:

  • This will be the last week of Coaching for Coach Sam - It has been a great season - Thank you Sam!
  • There will be regularly scheduled practice for the first 3 weeks of September
    • we will need a skiff driver for the third week of the month
  • Due to reduced daylight evening practice is moved back to 6:00 pm
  • In order to consolidate the end of season practices we are dropping the Monday evening practice

Holiday Arts and Crafts Fair

  • If KCRC is going to have a silent auction fund raiser we need a coordinator (this has been a significant fund raiser for the club)
  • Fair will be Friday and Saturday December 6 & 7
  • Registration is online this year
  • An email has gone out to  past vendor, but be sure to contact anyone who might be interested
  • There is a notice and link on our home page

Outside Regatta:

  • Rowers need to make travel arrangements and get that information to Lori L.

Upcoming Events

  • Big Head Regetta: September 14th
  • Tail of the Lake: October 6th

Go Crewsers,