Monday Mail

Moose Nugget Thursday Night 7:30 practice time is Boat Loading - everyone who is able shoud be there

Outside Regatta

  • This year KCRC is sporting a team for the Lake Union Tail of the Lake - 10/6/19  (Seattle) Washington
  • We need a count of how many will be going by August 1st.
  • Add you name to the sign-up sheet

Updated race line-ups are posted at the site below.

Between now and Moose Nugget the Back to basics time slot is available for boat crews to practice the line-ups they will be rowing at MNR.

Smoke and Practice It looks like we are going to be living with this smoke for the rest of the summer. Our default assumption should be: practices happen as normal. If anyone has personal health concerns by all means take your name off the schedule on a day when the smoke is bad.

Moose Nugget Line ups: Coach Sam  must submit the final race line ups by Friday the 5th

KCRC Fun Day: Saturday June 29th,

The Coach has the first draft of Moose Nugget Line ups The line up list is on the website. Follow the link below

We are oping to get a final count for Moose Nugget soon, and an estimate on how many races everyone is willing to row.

Please Confirm your attendance on the Moose Nugget sign-up on the Calendar along with how many races you might be interested in.

Moose Nugget Regatta is not far away. Below is the room reservation list that Sue has. If you're not on the list and want to go contact Sue this week. If you need to cancel, you must let Sue know now so she can cancel your room