I-DID-A-ROW 2021

I-DID-A-ROW T-Shirt 2021


So, what does that mean? You + four friends complete 30 minutes of activity daily, beginning at noon on March 6 and ending at noon on March 14.

**New this year! Acceptable activities include rowing/erging, running, walking, Nordic skiing (classic!), and ice skating.**

Collate your team's kilometers for the day and post it to your team's ChallengeHound page.

Three team awards will be given at the end of the I-Did-A-Row: Most Kilometers Completed; Farthest Flung Team (all members must live in the same community); and Most Geographically Diverse Team. That's it! Easy peasy and super fun!

Here's how to sign up and get started:

1. Gather four of your friends to form a team of five and give yourselves a name. Teammates can be located anywhere in the universe! If you have a friend on the International Space Station, invite them to participate--that's gotta be worth some sort of bonus prize!

2. One of you needs to be the captain. Captain's duties are: take care of all communication with KCRC; gather your team's accrued kilometers daily; update your team's ChallengeHound daily.

3. Each teammate needs to go to this link and purchase an event shirt (this is where you pay to play!) https://www.customink.com/fundraising/i-did-a-row-2021...

4. Once all your teammates have purchased shirts, the team captain needs to send an email to kcrc.ididarow@gmail.com. Be sure to include names and locations of all your teammates, as well as your team's names.

5. The team captain will be given a code to set up a ChallengeHound account for your team. Only one account per team!

6. At noon on March 6, let the workouts begin!

Event ends March 14th, 2021 at Noon Alaska Time!

So, grab some friends and get a team together! Remember, you can row/erg, run, walk, Nordic Ski or ice skate for your 30 mins a day AND you can participate from anywhere.