July 8 2019

Greeting Crewsers

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Getting ready for Moose Nugget Line ups: Coach Sam  has submitted the line-ups for MNR

Updated race line-ups are posted at the site below.


The list looks better on a desk top than it does on a cell phone

Between now and Moose Nugget the Back to basics time slot is available for boat crews to practice the line-ups they will be rowing at MNR.

Talk with your crew mates and put your names on the calendar as a boat crew.

Of course boat crews can use the regular masters practice for MNR practice too.

Even if your crew is concerned about the smoke, Coach Sam can work to keep practice safe and it is still important to practice starts and strategy for the race

Tail of the Bear

  • It's time to begin planning for Tail of the Bear
  • There is a sign up sheet on the website for jobs and stuff we need
  • https://kenaicrewsers.org/content/tail-bear-volunteers
  • The list looks better on a desk top than it does on a cell phone
  • Add your name to the list for things you are able to do

The Monday Mail will be archived on the website each week - if you loose your email, you can quickly reference the website

Upcoming Events

  • Moose Nugget Regatta: July 20 - 21
  • Tail of the Bear: Saturday August 17
  • Big Head Regetta: September 14th

Go Crewsers,

Adam Bauer
Club Manager
907 491 0835