Monday July 1

Greeting Crewsers

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Smoke and Practice It looks like we are going to be living with this smoke for the rest of the summer. Our default assumption should be: practices happen as normal. If anyone has personal health concerns by all means take your name off the schedule on a day when the smoke is bad.

The coach will consult with rowers at practice on a day by day basis to see how hard practice will be considering the rowers in attendance and the smoke conditions on any given day.

We do not want anyone to have breathing issues due to outdoor activites, nor do we want to cancel rowing for the summer.

Moose Nugget Line ups: Coach Sam  must submit the final race line ups by Friday the 5th

Current race line-ups are posted at the site below. When these are updated I will send a notice to the team

The list looks better on a desk top than it does on a cell phone

If you have questions or concerns about your line up. Please contact the coach as a team so everyone can share their concerns and a solution can be worked out for everyone.

Food for Moose Nugget

Food count needs to be in for Moose nugget by Friday. If you are planning on bringing any non rowers with you, please let me (Adam) know so I can get the count to the MNR committee

Additional spectators are always welcome at the last minute but we won't be able to provide food for them.

Tail of the Bear

  • It's time to begin planning for Tail of the Bear
  • There is a sign up sheet on the website for jobs and stuff we need
  • The list looks better on a desk top than it does on a cell phone
  • Add your name to the list for things you are able to do

The Monday Mail will be archived on the website each week - if you loose your email, you can quickly reference the website

Upcoming Events

  • Moose Nugget Regatta: July 20 - 21
  • Tail of the Bear: Saturday August 17
  • Big Head Regetta: September 14th

Go Crewsers,

Adam Bauer
Club Manager
907 491 0835