Monday June 10 2019

Greeting Crewsers

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Thank you to everyone who attended the safety meeting and pot luck.

If you missed the meeting please watch the video online and let Kim know

  US Rowing Safety Video

Substitue coaching: I don't have a list of possible substitue coaches. In the off chance that Coach Sam is not able to attend a practice I would like to know who can be called as a substitue. If you can fill in on the rare occasion, let me know and I'll put you on the list. Thanks

Back to Basics: Our Novice class has one attendie this year (yeah Angela), we have  room for experienced rowers to join the session and brush up on basics. It's a great chance to work on drills and rowing form. Even if you just want more time on the water, join us on Tuesday and Thursday evening and support our newest member.

Kim will be sending out infomation, about possible out of State Regatta for the fall, later in the week. We will need a head count for rowers interested in attending.

Moose Nugget Regatta is not far away. Below is the room reservation list that Sue has. If you're not on the list and want to go contact Sue this week. If you need to cancel, you must let Sue know now so she can cancel your room

We have confirmed reservations for:
Adam + One
Jess + One (and two babes)
Heather J.
LL + One  

Guest House, 3 bedrooms with king beds Jess+1, Swanns,  LD/Sue
Galena House, 3 bedrooms, king, queen & double: LL+1, Kains, Heather
Sodalite Apt, 2 bedrooms, queen and twins Adam+1, Coach/Bella

Extra Reservation for Zeolite, 2 bedrooms, queen and twins.

If you don't think the above list is right for you, Contact Sue Faust

KCRC Fun Day: Saturday June 29th,

  • On the water games with the boats
  • BBQ pot luck - seems like the thing to do this summer ;-)
  • There is a sign-up sheet for the day on the calendar

The Monday Mail will be archived on the website each week - if you loose your email, you can quickly reference the website

Upcoming Events

  • Funday: Saturday June 29 10am to 1pm @ Bear Lake
  • Moose Nugget Regatta: July 20 - 21
  • Tail of the Bear: Saturday August 17
  • Big Head Regetta: September 14th

Go Crewsers,

Adam Bauer
Club Manager
907 491 0835