Monday June 17

Greeting Crewsers

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Moose Nugget Regatta is not far away Sue sent out room details in a seperate email - thanks Sue.

Here is the tentative information that Coach  Sam has, if you have any changes for her, please let her know as soon a possible

list of competitors:


Lori Swann,

Lori Landstrom,

Lori Draper,










these folks will not be competing: Dawn, Bob, Alice, Collin,

We are oping to get a final count soon, and an estimate on how many races everyone is willing to row.

Please Confirm your attendance on the Moose Nugget sign-up on the Calendar along with how many races you might be interested in.

Once  specific line up has been set by the coach, contact Coach Sam and let her know what your training desires are. Extra Practices for determined teams can be discussed with the coach.

KCRC Fun Day: Saturday June 29th,

  • On the water games with the boats
  • BBQ pot luck - seems like the thing to do this summer ;-)
  • There is a sign-up sheet for the day on the calendar

The Monday Mail will be archived on the website each week - if you loose your email, you can quickly reference the website

Upcoming Events

  • Funday: Saturday June 29 10am to 1pm @ Bear Lake
  • Moose Nugget Regatta: July 20 - 21
  • Tail of the Bear: Saturday August 17
  • Big Head Regetta: September 14th

Go Crewsers,

Adam Bauer
Club Manager
907 491 0835