Monday Mail

Boat rigging - The boats that went to Big lake are derigged on the trailer - if anyone is desperate to row a boat that is on the trailer, text me and I will move the trailer to the lake on Tuesday, Other wise we will derig boats on Thursday and consider the Big Lake boats a head start.

Last day for club Row - Wednesday is the last day for a club row, it would be great to field and eight - if you're in town, let's do it!

De-rig boats: In order to get a jump on Sunday site break down it would be great to have a crew spend a few minutes derigging boats, if you are not busy please join us.

Site Break Down

  •  Yeah for Bob & Alice, they are able to store our trailer again this year
  •   Sunday September 22nd. 1:00 pm Please plan to assist if you are in town

Big Head Regatta

Boat loading will be Thursday night at normal practice time. If you're in town and not going to Big Head your help to load boats would be appreciated.

Rowing fee is $25 per rower (I will collect payments and write a check to ARA)

Parking fee is $7 for each vehicle, over night camping fee is $20 per night

Big Head Regatta

Coach Sam has Line ups for the Regatta.

  • We will need to bring our own boats is there a club member who has a truck that can tow the trailer?

Big Head Regatta

  • As of right now we have 5 rowers and the coach going to big head
  • There is a possibility we will need to bring boats for ourselves and perhaps for an outside team that is attending
  • We may need to borrow a truck to pull the trailer from a club member who is not going.
  • If you can help with this please contact Adam
  • There is still time to get your name on the list

Rowing in September:

  • KCRC has a coach in September! Yeah!
  • Due to reduced daylight evening practice is moved back to 6:00 pm
  • In order to consolidate the end of season practices we are dropping the Monday evening practice

Tail of the Bear

Tail of the Bear

Tail of the Bear

Great News! Coach Sam has extended her contract through the end of September. This means we will have coaching services for an extra month. She will be able to guide us through the Big Head Regatta, and help us prep for Tail of the Lake. Having a coach makes a tremendous difference, we are fortunate to have the extra time with Samantha. I strongly encourage everyone to plan on rowing through September. Hopefully the warm weather will last ;-)

Trailer unloading is tomorrow during the regularly scheduled practice (6:30 Tuesday the 23rd) If you're in town, please join us - many hands make light work.

Post MMR Schedule:  Moving forward there will only be one evening practice instead of two. Practice will begin a half-hour later at 6:30

Saturday Practice:  The board has decided to swap the Saturday Moring practice for a Monday night Practice. Saturday the 27th will be the last regular Saturday practice of the season.